Happy Father’s Day

Today is Father’s Day. Our trainer Drew Fulmer is a father and a grandfather, but he is even more. ┬áHe is a “DAD” to our horses. Here is a silly poem which I sent to him as a Happy Dad’s Day from his equine kids.

Our trainer, more than a Dad to us all
Your life with horses is your call
We’re never alone as long as your near
With you by our side, we have nothing to fear

Each day we wait to hear your sound
A laugh, a sigh we know your around
We long for your touch so tender
With loving care you daily render

Care and love you share from your heart
We pray each day that we’ll never part.

Happy Dad’s Day from your Equine Kids

I know that all horse lovers realize the love between horse and owner or caretaker. Our trainer is exceptional and I can see and feel the respect, love and trust that the horses have for him. There is no one who has taken better care of our horses and we are forever grateful.

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Look Out Sunray

The meet at Albuquerque Downs is over. It has been a little trying to say the least. The number of races for which our horses qualified were few so we didn’t have much opportunity to compete. The track at Albuquerque is heavy and deep. Our horses are accustom to the track at Turf Paradise which is hard and fast. At Albuquerque Downs, many of our horses tired early.

Happily the Fulmer Racing Team is on its way to Sunray Park in Farmington, NM. It is with great joy and anticipation that our horses will be in Farmington. Sunray’s track is more to the liking of our horses so ti is definitely a welcomed change.

Our last two races at Albuquerque Downs gave us one third place. Tonight at Eleven finished third, but the impressive thing was that he finished the race so well. He came between horses and never gave up. Tonight at Eleven hasn’t been our most successful horse, but he will always be my favorite. He has so much character and in his early career, he was not given the opportunity to succeed. He was unruly and somewhat troublesome. It was not until Drew Fulmer started training him that he became a great horse.

So off to Sunray and dreams of winning races.

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Keep the dream alive!

As I had posted a few days ago, our wonderful horse Inclined to Win was entered in a $150,000 handicap race because there were no other races for which he qualified. We knew that he was outclassed but it didn’t matter, he would have a chance to prove himself. Well he was in the lead early and was pressed by another horse that eventually finished behind him. He came in 5th. That may not sound so great but because it was such a high priced race, our share of the purse money was $6,000. That’s actually as much as a winning purse in a cheaper race. So as we all know nothing ventured, nothing gained.

I am proud of our horse and especially proud of our trainer, Drew Fulmer who is always willing to take a chance. This one paid off for us.

The meet at Albuquerque is ending on June 18th and then we’re off to Sunray at Farmington, NM. We are sure that there will be allowance races for Inclined to Win at Sunray and we know that he is always inclined to win.

We have two more races at Albuquerque. Yuma Thurman is running on Wednesday and is looking good. My very favorite horse Tonight at Eleven is running on the last day of the meet and also looks very promising. Hope you will keep an eye out for us. I am feeling very positive about these two races and especially our coming meet at Sunray which starts on July 3rd. As always, we will continue to be DREAMING!

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This is what DREAMS are made of

The meet at Albuquerque Downs is coming to an end and we will be happy to move on to Sunray. Sunray has always proven to be a more friendly track for our horses. There are more races for which we qualify and we definitely feel more at home. Our stay at Albuquerque has had some successful and the most promising of all our horses there has been Inclined to Win.

We had hoped that there would be a mile race for him before the end of the meet, but the racing secretary did not write such a race. So, it’s time to dream and dream big! Our trainer Drew Fulmer entered Inclined to Win in a $150,000 handicap race. I know that we have really pushed the class, but the alternative is to sit in the barn and watch. So Inclined to Win is entered in this high stakes race on Saturday, June 13th. I am confident that we will experience some success in this endeavor. I hope its more than a pipe dream, but if we stop dreaming and hoping, what do we have?

Another one of our horses is also entered to run on June 17th. Her name is Yuma Thurman and is owned by our partnership Pony Express Racing, LLC. The partners have been concerned about the lack of racing for the horses in this partnership, however there just wasn’t much that we qualified for. I believe Yuma Thurman will do a good job and then she will be ready for more success at Sunray.

So at the end of this meet, we have two more races to hope and dream about. Our horses are all healthy and in good shape so we are ready for the next meet which will start on July 3rd at Sunray in Farmington, NM.

Keep your fingers crossed for us and keep dreaming about all the things you would also like to accomplish.

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The Winningest

I am happy to introduce you to our last claim. His name is Inclined to Win and that’s just what he has done at Albuquerque. If it were not for Inclined to Win, we might just be in the red. He started in two races at the Downs in Albuquerque and won both of them.

Our trainer, Drew Fulmer told me that he is a real Sweetheart but more than that, he tries his best every time out. You can’t ask for more than that. I am happy to have just gotten a picture of his last winning race and am pleased to share it with you.


You can see for yourself that he is quite handsome and has beautiful colors.

Keep watching for Inclined to Win. The last day of the meet in Albuquerque is June 18th and then we will be moving to Sunray Park in Farmington, NM. If we can get Inclined to Win in one more race at Albuquerque we will be thrilled, but if not look for him at Sunray Park.

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Another Win for Fulmer Racing Team

Life on the road can be more difficult for the racing teams. Our horses traveled from Phoenix, AZ to Albuquerque, NM this summer. The horses had to get used to the higher elevation and a different track. Albuquerque is a deep track and not at all like Turf Paradise. Some of our horses have had difficulty adjusting to the depth of the track and as a result have tired. After races they have returned to the barn exhausted. It is taking some of them a lot of time to adjust. In a way, it’s really okay because this meet ends June 18th and then we will move to Sunray in Farmington, NM. The Fulmer Racing Team has had more good fortune at Sunray and our horses will be ready.

Our trainer, Drew Fulmer has one horse that has not been effected by the tough course at Albuquerque. The name of that horse is Inclined to Win and oh boy, he really is inclined to win. He raced yesterday and won by over 13 lengths.

Drew claimed Inclined to Win just before he left for New Mexico. This really has proven to be a great claim. The horse has already paid for himself and has helped to keep the Fulmer Racing Team in the black. I am proud of how well Inclined to Win has done, and also proud of the efforts of our trainer, Drew Fulmer.

We look forward to racing at Sunray, but until then, Drew will continue to make more progress at Albuquerque. We have Woodlandsway, Yuma Thurman and Canard racing next week. Watch for us and keep your fingers crossed.

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Fulmer Racing Team Wins

Yesterday, our trainer Drew Fulmer ran a new horse, Inclined to Win. This is the last claim that Drew made before leaving Turf Paradise for the summer.

Although I have invested in most of his claims, it was not financially feasible for me to do so with this one. The timing just wasn’t right for me. In any case, Drew calls this one our horse and said I can have the right front foot. We have worked together for so long that it only seemed appropriate for him to include this winner in our partnership. I don’t expect to collect any of the proceeds of the purse, but I do have the pleasure of knowing that this horse belongs to me too, even if its just a foot.

I have never been in the racing world for the financial profits. I leave that part of the business to my husband who is the financial member of the team. I just love to be with the horses and see them succeed. I am always thrilled to watch give their all for us. We love these horses and they love us as well. Their reward to us for taking care of them is to try their very best in every race. Our trainer, Drew Fulmer is the best when it comes to making sure that the horses are in their best form. Drew will only race a horse that is ready to go.

So although there might not be any financial benefit associated with Inclined to Win, I am still the “owner” of this new winner. I was just as excited to see him win. He did it in style winning by over 7 lengths. If you want to see his race, you can watch Race 7 on May 6th at Albuquerque Downs.

Thanks for following our success. Our next entry, which by the way I do have a financial interest in is Twilightinpriddis. She will be running next Wednesday, May 13th. Wish us luck!

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