Good News & Not So Good

Our mare Yuma Thurman ran on Friday.  She was in the lead most of the way but got caught at the wire.  That was actually the good news — she ran well and pulled up good.  Coming in second also gave our partnership Pony Express Racing, LLC some needed funds.  Yuma Thurman has been paying for herself and that’s great.

Now for the Not So Good News — she obviously was admired by another trainer.  Yes, our girl Yuma Thurman was claimed so she’s gone from our barn.  She was doing so well and I was afraid she might get claimed but that’s part of the game.  It is a tough business and these beautiful horses as much as we love them are not pets — they are professional athletes and subject to trade offs.

The not so bad news is that it’s the beginning of the meet at Turf Paradise which goes until the first week of May so Yuma Thurman should continue to race at Turf Paradise so we might be able to claim her back.  That’s a decision that will have to be made in the future.  We will watch her progress and see if she stays in good condition.  Unfortunately, not all trainers are the same and in the past we claimed a horse that we lost and he was not well taken care of and it took us almost a year to get him back to 100%.  We will continue to watch her and hope for the best for her.  Keeping a horse healthy is a skill that is developed over time and patience.  Our trainer, Drew Fulmer is one of the best in maintaining the health of our horses.  He knows them top to bottom and never slacks off — it is a 24/7 job for him and he is very diligent.

The other good news is that we have the claiming price and I have already been scouting out horses that I like.  I asked our trainer Drew Fulmer to look at a 3 year old gelding that looks impressive to me.  It is always Drew’s call if we are going to make the claim.  He knows horses and I can only make suggestions.  My suggestions are purely based on past performance and stats.  Drew knows what to look for in the physical characteristics of the horse to see if the horses is a viable candidate.  With over 25 years of experience working with horses, I will always bow to his judgement.

Even with all the considerations, there is never a guarantee that a claim will be good.  It is not just science, claiming is an art.  And of course the ultimate outcome is tainted by luck.  In any case, the gelding that I like is racing on December 1st and I am keeping my fingers crossed that he will be joining our barn.  I am like a kid on Christmas morning when it comes to claiming a horse — always looking for the surprise.  As a horseman, I am always excited about making a new equine friend.









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