It seemed like forever, but we finally got our win.  Yuma Thurman went wire to wire — gone good bye!

We had an apprentice rider named Katelin Willey on her.  This young jockey is just doing so well and we hope she will continue to ride for us. She is enthusiastic and earnest.  I believe she will be a great jockey and we are happy to have her as part of our racing team.  She has already won 11 races since the start of the season at Turf Paradise.

Our girl Yuma Thurman of course is a wonderful mare.  I think she will make us proud.  When we took her to New Mexico, she did not assimilate well but I knew that once we got her home, she would be a winner.

I will post a picture of Yuman Thurman with Katelin on board as soon as I get the photo from the track photographer.  So be sure to check out my next post.


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