A few curve balls

Life seems to have thrown me a few curve balls lately and I have had to put everything aside to deal with these problematic situations.  It’s time to shake the blues and think positive and enjoy life.  So here I go.

I went to the barn last Sunday to see my horses.  I took my sister and her husband with me.  They were visiting from Chicago and being city folks had never had the opportunity of seeing Thoroughbred close up.  I love my visits to the barn and I was happy to see that they enjoyed the experience as well.  We fed the horses carrots as I introduced all my equine children to them.  They were amazed at the number of horses that I lay claim to.

Our barn, Fulmer Racing Team has two horses racing this weekend.  I am excited about the outcome.  Woodlandsway is racing on Sunday.  We lowered her in class because she tired after the last race and I think this is a more appropriate level for her.  We have an excellent rider and anticipate a good outing.  My only concern of course is that she might get claimed, but I realize that it is part of the racing world.  So I will be betting on Woodlandsway and hoping she’ll still be ours after the race.  Let the best man win!

On Monday, we have Yuma Thurman racing.  She is the favorite in the race.  Her last race, she was in the lead and I think the jockey thought she had the race won but was passed in the final length.  Our jockey is an apprentice and she rode Yuma Thurman perfectly, but didn’t anticipate the final strides.  After the race, I congratulated her for a good ride and told her I was confident that we would win the next time out.  The apprentice is riding her again and I feel good about the outcome of the race.  This is another horse that might get claimed.  I hope we win the race, but more than that I hope we will still have this one in our barn.

Watch us race at Turf Paradise on Sunday and Monday.  I will be betting on both of these horses, even though I am not much of a gambler.

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