No Place Like Home

Chase those flying moneys away, click your heels and repeat after me: “There’s no place like home!”

We are down to our last week of racing in New Mexico and then all the horses will be heading home to Turf Paradise in Phoenix, AZ.  I have missed the horses so much.  Because of health concerns, I was unable to travel to New Mexico this year so its been a while since I’ve seen my equine kids.

There are a wonderful group.  We are a team and I have been the absentee member for too long.  There will be carrots all around and maybe a little merriment such as balloons, streamers and a welcome home sign.  It might sound a little crazy, but the horses seem to enjoy seeing the colorful balloons waving in the breeze.

Life is good and can only get better as soon as we are reunited.  We have four more races in New Mexico and are still hoping for the best.  Yesterday, Pursuxit ran a good race, coming in second.  We will compete on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday this week and then its time for the task of hauling.  Our trainer has a lot of work ahead getting them hauled back and settling them back in at Turf Paradise.  He is lucky to have a wonderful groom we call “E” to help him.  The stalls are already prepared for the return of the horses, so we’re halfway home.

All we need now is for the horses to travel well and  to have a safe ride home.  Say a prayer that all goes well.

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