Off and running at Sunray Park

So the meet at Sunray Park in Albuquerque started on July 3rd.  It was a grand start for our trainer Drew Fulmer.  He entered his oldest horse Canard.  Canard is a wonder horse.  He is sweet and gentle.  He’ll eat just about anything offered to him and he is a big strong horse.  He started out a gray, but with age, he looks almost white.  Canard is 11 years old which is surprising for a thoroughbred still racing.  Canard had a wonderful race and beat out the kids in the field.  Even the announcer called him an old-timer.  It was a grand start for the beginning of the meet.

The next day turned out to be a disaster, when we lost Cut to the Front.  As I previously posted, one bad step and it was all over.  The veterinarian made the call.  The horse could not survive and was in pain so he was put down.  It was heart breaking for me and the trainer.

The next racing day did not prove to help our moods.  Inclined to Win made a gallant start, but the pace was too fast for the distance and he tired.  Inclined to Win did so well at Albuquerque, but he really likes a deeper track with a slower pace up front.  He pulled up good so we were happy with that and went on to the next race.  Pursuxit ran in the last race of the day.  He got off well and looked ready to go.  Suddenly the jockey checked him really hard.  The horse took the lead from the jockey and immediately slowed his pace.  The sudden jerk of the jockey seemed obvious to me that something frightened the jockey and there is not much we could do once the jockey put the brakes on.  It is difficult to judge what caused this sudden reaction by the jockey, but it had to be instinct on the part of the rider.  The races go at such speed that it is unfair to be upset with the rider whose responsibility to not only to protect himself, but also the horse he is riding.  So the day ended on a low note.

Today is our next chance to try to get back into the swing of things.  My favorite horse Tonight at Eleven is running.  I know he is getting old but he has a lot of heart and I am hoping he will help out Drew today and perform at his best.  I am also hoping that we will get a good ride which is essential to a win.

I have my fingers crossed and wish for the best.  It’s horse racing, a fast dangerous, but most exciting game.  Wish us luck.

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