We can all be winners.  I was thinking about how lucky some of us are.  Is everyone lucky?  My guess is no.  Some of us appear to be more lucky than others.  Is it really luck or is it persistence.

Everyone, no matter of social or economic class has been given some talents.  It is what we do with those talents that really matters.  Realistically, there are several boundaries that might cause us to limit our success, but we should all experience some degree of success in our lives.

I am of course an eternal optimist but I think we are responsible for our own decisions.  Being able to accept responsibility for our actions is key to success.  If we fail or fall on “bad times” who is responsible?  There are outside influences no doubt that limit our success, but that is no reason to stop trying.

Some people just seem to be in the right place at the right time.  Some have family influences that aid to their success, and likewise some are limited by their family’s economic or social backgrounds.

Perhaps we need to define success in a different light.  Some consider wealth as a sign of success.  If that were the case, I guess all rich people would be happy with their lives and consider themselves successful.  I think someone who makes the best cookies in the neighborhood to be a big success.  All the kids in the neighborhood surely think of that person as special and that is a success in itself.

We need to be comfortable in our own skin to be successful.  We are who we are and have certain talents.  We need to use those talents to make ourselves and those around us happy.  Then are we successful.

With success comes thankfulness.  Each day we should be thankful for our successes and work at minimizing our failures.  Being happy and healthy are by far the greatest part of success.  Take care of yourself physically and try to be happy.  A good laugh can always make the troubles go away.  Have a fun day and be grateful for what your have.  Then you will be happy and that’s real success.

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