Back home in Phoenix, AZ

Our horses have all been settled for the new meet at Sunray in Farmington, NM.  Our trainer, Drew Fulmer did a wonderful job of getting all my equine kids moved and ready to go.

It is time to reflect on just how fortunate I have been.  My husband Bill has been an inspiration and he is really a dreamer.  If it had not been for him, I never would have owned a thoroughbred horse.  That was his dream, but I really have gotten more involved in the day to day activities of the thoroughbreds.  It has been an exciting time for me, especially as I get older and can not do all the physical activities that I have done in the past.  I am more of a spectator now and what better game to watch than the racing game.  The horses are splendid and leave my heart beating fast whenever they race.  The horses are my buddies when it comes to having an ear or two to listen to my joys and tribulations.  Horses are great listeners especially when it comes with a few carrots for them.

But, I am more than just a horse owner.  I have five children.  They are all grown.  My oldest son is a minister, so I got my direct connection to Heaven taken care of.  He and his family live in Virginia, so I don’t see them often.  I have two grandchildren, a boy and a girl.

I also have three daughters who live in Arizona.  My oldest daughter is a professional caregiver for patients with physical limitations and/or dimentia.  She is my health care backup when needed.  She has proven to be the most attentive and helpful, along with her fiancee who is a sweetheart of a guy.

My middle daughter is the hardest working of all.  She works more hours than any of the children, but seems to sometimes struggle.  She reminds me more of my mother than any of the other children.  I think that is because of her kind and generous nature, as well as the fact that she physically resembles my maternal grandmother.

The youngest daughter has always been the most troublesome and the rebel of the family.  She is a beautiful child with the most amazing voice.  She has sung semi-professionally and has perfect pitch.

My youngest son is a graduate of Georgetown Law School and also studied at Oxford.  He is the baby of the family and he recently got married.  He found himself a beautiful bride who is also a very sweet girl.  Everyone in the family like our new addition to the family.  Here is a picture of the new bride and my son admiring her.

weddingI am sure that you can see why I think I am one of the luckiest people alive.  I love my family dearly and I also have my equine family for extra comfort and support.

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