Keep the dream alive!

As I had posted a few days ago, our wonderful horse Inclined to Win was entered in a $150,000 handicap race because there were no other races for which he qualified. We knew that he was outclassed but it didn’t matter, he would have a chance to prove himself. Well he was in the lead early and was pressed by another horse that eventually finished behind him. He came in 5th. That may not sound so great but because it was such a high priced race, our share of the purse money was $6,000. That’s actually as much as a winning purse in a cheaper race. So as we all know nothing ventured, nothing gained.

I am proud of our horse and especially proud of our trainer, Drew Fulmer who is always willing to take a chance. This one paid off for us.

The meet at Albuquerque is ending on June 18th and then we’re off to Sunray at Farmington, NM. We are sure that there will be allowance races for Inclined to Win at Sunray and we know that he is always inclined to win.

We have two more races at Albuquerque. Yuma Thurman is running on Wednesday and is looking good. My very favorite horse Tonight at Eleven is running on the last day of the meet and also looks very promising. Hope you will keep an eye out for us. I am feeling very positive about these two races and especially our coming meet at Sunray which starts on July 3rd. As always, we will continue to be DREAMING!

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