This is what DREAMS are made of

The meet at Albuquerque Downs is coming to an end and we will be happy to move on to Sunray. Sunray has always proven to be a more friendly track for our horses. There are more races for which we qualify and we definitely feel more at home. Our stay at Albuquerque has had some successful and the most promising of all our horses there has been Inclined to Win.

We had hoped that there would be a mile race for him before the end of the meet, but the racing secretary did not write such a race. So, it’s time to dream and dream big! Our trainer Drew Fulmer entered Inclined to Win in a $150,000 handicap race. I know that we have really pushed the class, but the alternative is to sit in the barn and watch. So Inclined to Win is entered in this high stakes race on Saturday, June 13th. I am confident that we will experience some success in this endeavor. I hope its more than a pipe dream, but if we stop dreaming and hoping, what do we have?

Another one of our horses is also entered to run on June 17th. Her name is Yuma Thurman and is owned by our partnership Pony Express Racing, LLC. The partners have been concerned about the lack of racing for the horses in this partnership, however there just wasn’t much that we qualified for. I believe Yuma Thurman will do a good job and then she will be ready for more success at Sunray.

So at the end of this meet, we have two more races to hope and dream about. Our horses are all healthy and in good shape so we are ready for the next meet which will start on July 3rd at Sunray in Farmington, NM.

Keep your fingers crossed for us and keep dreaming about all the things you would also like to accomplish.

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