Another Win for Fulmer Racing Team

Life on the road can be more difficult for the racing teams. Our horses traveled from Phoenix, AZ to Albuquerque, NM this summer. The horses had to get used to the higher elevation and a different track. Albuquerque is a deep track and not at all like Turf Paradise. Some of our horses have had difficulty adjusting to the depth of the track and as a result have tired. After races they have returned to the barn exhausted. It is taking some of them a lot of time to adjust. In a way, it’s really okay because this meet ends June 18th and then we will move to Sunray in Farmington, NM. The Fulmer Racing Team has had more good fortune at Sunray and our horses will be ready.

Our trainer, Drew Fulmer has one horse that has not been effected by the tough course at Albuquerque. The name of that horse is Inclined to Win and oh boy, he really is inclined to win. He raced yesterday and won by over 13 lengths.

Drew claimed Inclined to Win just before he left for New Mexico. This really has proven to be a great claim. The horse has already paid for himself and has helped to keep the Fulmer Racing Team in the black. I am proud of how well Inclined to Win has done, and also proud of the efforts of our trainer, Drew Fulmer.

We look forward to racing at Sunray, but until then, Drew will continue to make more progress at Albuquerque. We have Woodlandsway, Yuma Thurman and Canard racing next week. Watch for us and keep your fingers crossed.

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