Fulmer Racing Team Wins

Yesterday, our trainer Drew Fulmer ran a new horse, Inclined to Win. This is the last claim that Drew made before leaving Turf Paradise for the summer.

Although I have invested in most of his claims, it was not financially feasible for me to do so with this one. The timing just wasn’t right for me. In any case, Drew calls this one our horse and said I can have the right front foot. We have worked together for so long that it only seemed appropriate for him to include this winner in our partnership. I don’t expect to collect any of the proceeds of the purse, but I do have the pleasure of knowing that this horse belongs to me too, even if its just a foot.

I have never been in the racing world for the financial profits. I leave that part of the business to my husband who is the financial member of the team. I just love to be with the horses and see them succeed. I am always thrilled to watch give their all for us. We love these horses and they love us as well. Their reward to us for taking care of them is to try their very best in every race. Our trainer, Drew Fulmer is the best when it comes to making sure that the horses are in their best form. Drew will only race a horse that is ready to go.

So although there might not be any financial benefit associated with Inclined to Win, I am still the “owner” of this new winner. I was just as excited to see him win. He did it in style winning by over 7 lengths. If you want to see his race, you can watch Race 7 on May 6th at Albuquerque Downs.

Thanks for following our success. Our next entry, which by the way I do have a financial interest in is Twilightinpriddis. She will be running next Wednesday, May 13th. Wish us luck!

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