Look Out — Here We Come!

The hauling to a new meet has been completed thanks to the extraordinary efforts of our trainer, Drew C. Fulmer. He really is the all in one trainer. He not only cares from our equine family, he does most of the hauling and of course all the complex set up work to make the horses comfortable and at home. I admire his efforts and his strength. I hope the rest of the members of our racing team understand and appreciate his efforts and hard work.

We are scheduled to start running on April 29th with the oldest horse in the barn. His name is Canard and I keep thinking his racing career may soon be over, but the old boy just keeps on going. He is 11 years old so I know it only a matter of time for him to retire, but we can always depend on him to do his best.

On Saturday, May 2nd we have one of our newest claims running. His name is Cut to the Front. He likes a short fast race and he is entered in a 5-1/2 F race which should be right up his alley. Since we claimed him, we only got a 2nd out of him, but I think he will perform better in this new venue. Only time will tell, but May 2nd is a special day for me so I am looking forward to a win.

Watch for us at Albuquerque Downs starting on April 29th. Your good wishes and positive thoughts are welcomed.

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