Still Dreaming

Today, I went to see my beloved favorite horse Tonight at Eleven.  He was in very good spirits and looked like his old self — healthy and strong.

In November 2014 I wrote a blog entitled The Dream is Still Alive.  At that time I relayed the story of my dear Tonight at Eleven.  Well, we are going to try at least once more.  I am hoping that he will run on the 14th of April at Turf Paradise.  This will be the last race that Tonight at Eleven will race for me.

My health has been very bad and obviously the health care bills have been extraordinary.  It’s time for us to cut back on our Thoroughbred Ownership.  At the moment we have 12 horses, but by the end of the month, it will be down to 5 horses.

I still hope my dream for Tonight at Eleven will be fulfilled.  In any case, Tonight at Eleven will continue to race under the ownership of our trainer Drew C. Fulmer.  Drew has been very good to my Tonight at Eleven.  I know Tonight at Eleven will be protected and happy with Drew.  But, I am hoping that Tonight at Eleven can win one more race for me as his owner.

Wish me luck and look for my favorite horse to win just one more time for me.


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