At the top of his game

I have written about a really sweet horse that we have named Pursuxit.  Well, he ran yesterday and like the champion that he is, he won the race.

We purchased Pursuxit from another trainer who had difficulty controlling Pursuxit.  When he was younger, he was quite impossible.  The trainer had been threatened with the loss of his groomers who were unable to deal with Pursuxit.  As a result, we purchased Pursuxit at a discounted price.  It was worth a try.

His first race for us was a disaster and he finished last.  Drew Fulmer, our trainer worked with Pursuxit, until he became a very content member of our team.  He really is a team player.  Every time we need a win, we can count on Pursuxit.

Pursuxit is also an extremely intelligent horse.  He knows how easily I am intimidated by him and so he never does anything threatening when I am at the barn.  He is sweet and very attentive to my conversations with him.

I was so happy watching him race yesterday.  He ran a mile race just off the pace and in the home stretch, he took off with all the heart of a champion.  We are so proud of our Pursuxit.  He has really proven to be a good investment and a pleasure to work with.  He is now calm and well behaved in the barn and knows how to turn it on in a race.

Hurray for Pursuxit — one of the best!

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