Time to get real

Well, I didn’t go into a long post about our two new horses before they ran on Wednesday.  I thought if I waited until after the race, it might change our luck.  Here’s how it went.

Our trainer went out of town on a family matter.  This by the way, I think is a good thing. Although our horses are important to us, our families must come first.  I guess the horses didn’t agree.  They didn’t perform as well as I would have liked.

Yuma Thurman ran in the 2nd race and was 4th.  Actually, the ride was good, the field was strong and fast, but the race was too short for our filly.  We had the feeling that it might be too short, but there are only so many races that she would qualify for and so we took the chance.  Actually, coming in 4th shouldn’t be a disappointment, but we’re in need of a win.

Our 2nd horse to run was Quick Cielo.  I am not sure I would say it was a great ride.  In fact, I think we might consider a jockey change.  The horse was in the 8th position and started great, but the jockey held him up.  I am not sure why since I did not talk to the jockey after the race — I leave that up to the trainer.  I think the horse would have done better staying wide, especially since the horse he was running alongside of finished 2nd.  Unfortunately the jockey tried to save ground and it just didn’t work.  Quick Cielo finished 7th — that was a disappointment.

But now we have two horses running this weekend.  I am going to make my announcement now and let fate take its course.  A new horse Cut to the Front is running on Sunday – Race 5 PP 2.  The morning line has him at 10-1.  I see only one horse in that field that is faster than us.  I guess we’ll see.  One of my favorites, Pursuxit is running on Monday – Race 7 – PP8.  Pursuxit is 6-1 in the morning line.

Our trainer Drew Fulmer will be back for the races and I already told him he would be on “barn arrest”.  I am sure his presence helps, but I am glad for him that he had the necessary time for his family, who must at all costs come first — at least in my book.

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