Smile and say cheese

As promised, I have photos to share.  These are the last three horses that we claimed.  The first claim this season was Cut to the Front. cut to the frontCut to the Front is a 4-year old California bred gelding out of Storming Fever.  He has been in the money 7 out of 11 starts in 2014 and to date has earned over $41,000 lifetime.  He is a sprinter and we plan on racing him at 4-1/2 F in the next few weeks if not sooner.

Our second claim was Quick Cielo.

quick cielo 2

Quick Cielo was a little camera shy, so our trainer helped by holding up his head.  He is a sweet gentle horse that runs like the wind.  Quick Cielo is a 5-year old California bred gelding out of Score Quick.  He has had 3 wins in the last 6 starts in 2014 and to date has earned over $36,000 lifetime.

Quick Cielo is also a shorter distance horse and should do well at about 6 F.  We are looking for the right race for him and anticipate one coming up soon.

Our third and last claim for this time period was Yuma Thurman.

yuma thurman 2


This picture shows her pleasant nature.  She was happy for a few carrots from our trainer Drew Fulmer.

Yuma Thurman is a 5-year old California bred filly out of Sea of Secrets.  She has been in the money 13 times out of 24 starts and so far has earned over $81,000 lifetime.

Although she is a fast horse, we think she will do best at 6-1/2 F.  That would be her ideal race in our opinion so we will look for that in the near future.

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to pick the ideal race for a horse.  A lot has to do with the Racing Secretary and what races he is willing to write.  Hopefully he will lean in our favor from time to time.

Well, we did have two horses run today.  Although they ran well, the best we got was 3rd from Berry Valid.  She was held back a little too long.  Unfortunately she got the inside post and the jockey prefers being on the outside.  I was happy to see her run well, but would have been happier if we would have gotten 2nd.  There was one horse in the race, who was the favorite and of course who won.  I guess we could have claimed that horse a while back, but she is extremely troublesome in the Paddock and no one seems to want to claim her.  As a result, she has been racing below her class in the hopes that someone will want her.

Our other horse that ran was Dress Blues.  Dress Blues is a wonderful mare with an excellent record, but she is getting older.  We turned her out for the summer and so she really needed a race to get back in the groove.  The jockey rode her very well and asked to ride her again.  I know she will win a race for us soon.  Everything goes in stages and she is now closer to the winner’s circle.



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