December looks promising

As previously reported, we tried Quick Cielo in a race that was above his class to see how he would do.  Unfortunately, he didn’t get to run his kind of race.  Quick Cielo is a front runner and needs to see the light of day to run.  He got stuck behind horses — it was a big field, so we were not very successful.  He came back to the barn in good shape and was hardly winded so we know he didn’t run to his full capacity.  There is so much in winning a race, and positioning is always important.  We just didn’t get it this time out.

We also ran Pursuxit last Monday.  Well he was in the money this time.  He finished 3rd and has been running very consistently.  Again, position, position, position — he was held back just a little too long and closed nicely but ran out of ground.  We were pleased with his performance.

My favorite horse, Tonight st Eleven ran on Tuesday.  We tried something different with him.  We put him in a lower class race, however it meant taking him off the turf.  Unfortunately, that didn’t work for us.  We decided that we need to keep him on the turf which is his racing arena.  He got off to a good start and might have been successful, however the jockey took him into the middle of the herd and he had no where to go.  It is difficult to anticipate everything that might happen in a race, but we have instructed jockey after jockey that this horse likes the outside.  In their attempt not to go too wide, which is understandable, a jockey can get a horse caught in the middle with no where to go.  That was the result of this race.  So in fact, I would say there were two errors.  The first error on my part was to take him off the turf and the second error was during the race.

We also entered Atticus Ghost on November 29th.  She ran an excellent race, considering a number of factors.  She was bumped at the start and was taken 7-wide.  At least she had room to run and gave it her best, but again she ran out of real estate.  Atticus Ghost finished 4th, but I am please with this girl who made a gallant effort.

Now for the new entries,  Today, we have Elusive Moment going 5 F which is a good distance for him.  He is a sprinter and needs a short race.  This was the shortest distance available for him — 4 1/2 F would be better.  The morning line has him at 5/2 — I hope the odds makers are on target.

We also entered two fillies to run in the same race on Wednesday –  Berry Valid and Dress Blues.  Berry Valid has already competed at Turf Paradise this season and came in 2nd.  The race was 5 1/2 F and she would have won at 5 F.  This race is a 5 F race so I am hoping for a good outcome.  This is Dress Blues first race at Turf Paradise for this season.  She was turned out for the summer so we know that she is fresh.  What we don’t know is whether she will need a race before she is ready to win.  This little girl has a lot of heart and is a good closer so we’ll have to see how she fairs.

Keep your fingers crossed for us.  We need all the good will we can get!

We have been busy claiming as well and claimed a filly named Yuma Thurman.  My next blog will feature all our new claims along with photos,   Keep watching.

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