Lady Luck

Well Lady Luck thumbed her nose at us on Sunday.

On Sunday, we had one of my favorite runners race.  His name is Pursuxit and he is probably the most intelligent horse in our barn.  At least I think he understands me more than most of the other horses.

Anyway, he ran like a champion and got caught by a nose at the wire.  That’s just the luck of the game.  He couldn’t do more than he did and I am proud of his valiant effort.  But loosing by a nose can be heartbreaking.

Then came Race 7.  I was so excited that we were going to get a new horse for our barn.  Well, our trainer Drew Fulmer did his job.  Too bad another trainer also liked the horse and yes another shake.  Drew Fulmer is so good at his job as our trainer, but he can’t seem to win a shake.  So we lost the shake and we are back to Plan B.

There is a young filly that I really think has a lot of potential and I am hoping that Drew will claim her for us today.  With a little luck there won’t be a shake.  But you can’t win if you don’t play so we will give it a try.

I can only hope that Lady Luck is on our side today, or that she is just too busy to thumb her nose at us today.  Ha Ha!

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