Time to make our own luck

Here we go again.  We are going to try to claim a horse today.  It’s kind of frustrating finding the right horse.  We have the money available to make the claim and we actually attempted to make a claim but lost the shake.

We are going to try again.  The racing business is very competitive and it is necessary to get some new blood in the barn in order to stay competitive.  Can’t be passive if you want to win.  Try and try again.

So we are going after another horse today and anticipate a shake again.  The only way to win is the play, so we are going to play yet again.

Lady Luck may shine on us this time.  Who knows?

The other day my Japanese Fighting Fish died and my husband said that’s why I haven’t been lucky.  Silly superstitions but if it works you can’t knock it.  Ha Ha!  Anyway, my daughter brought me a new fish yesterday and so the luck may be back.  I decided to call the fish Sky.  He is mostly blue and the song I have been singing is “Blue skies shining on me, nothing but blue skies do I see”,

Oh well, I’m getting old so I can act goofy once in a while.  It’s kind of expected or at least overlooked in old people.

Wish us luck today — I’ll let you know how it turns out.

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