If wishes were horses, all men would ride!

As previous reported, we made an attempt to claim a few new horses but not very successfully.  Our trainer Drew Fulmer dropped a claim on a really good horse, but as expected so did three other trainers.  There was a shake and we didn’t win.  The good news is that a young trainer won the shake and we are happy for him.  It makes for a good story if nothing else.

The second horse we were looking at did not meet the expectations of our trainer.  Drew knows his horses and I trust his judgement.  Well the horse started the race looking good and then finished badly — actually last.  Glad we didn’t drop a claim on that one.

So we are back to finding another horse.  I saw one that I like that is racing today and I am keeping my fingers crossed that the trainer likes that horse.  I think it has promise, but again what do I know.  I depend on past performance, but the real test is seeing the horse in person and accessing its fitness.  That’s the job of the trainer.  Luckily, our trainer has a good eye and knows what to look for.  Sure, we’ve made some questionable claims in the past, but overall, we have been very successful.

I was asked the other day if I feel comfortable leaving the decision to the trainer.  I had to laugh to myself.  Of course I am comfortable leaving the decision to a professional who has over 25 years of experience — who wouldn’t?

Yesterday proved to be successful for us at the track.  Elusive Moment ran third.  This to me was a very good race.  The horse ran well and showed us that he is now comfortable with a new piece of equipment.  The trainer decided to use a rig on him to keep him straight in the gate.  Our first try at it was not successful, primarily because the rider was not familiar with the equipment and seemed intimidated by the use of the rig.  When the horse pulled away from the rig in an attempt to access its purpose, the rider jumped off the horse.  It was all over after that, but it was our first try.  Well, the rig worked yesterday and the horse broke good.  I anticipate a win the next time out because not only is the horse familiar with the process, so is the rider.  It is always gratifying to try something new and see it work.

We have a filly running tomorrow.  Her name is Berry Valid.  She is a beautiful horse and is in a good spot, so I am hoping for a successful day at the races tomorrow.

If all goes the way I want, we will claim a horse today and get a win tomorrow.  Not wishful thinking — just optimistic! At least I hope.  A long time ago, a good friend told me that if wishes were horses, all men would ride.  I often think of that when I am being overly optimistic.  I am ready to ride the wings of favor!

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