What would Dracula say?

Dracula would say: I want your blood!  Well, we are looking for some new blood — that is we are looking forward to claiming a few horses this weekend starting on Halloween.

I always get excited about claiming horses.   It’s fun to get introduced to new horses.  As I have said in the past, they all have different personalities and each one has something different to offer.

I will always have my favorite, Tonight at Eleven and my other two favorites are Pursuxit and Ocotillo (he’s our youngster).  My husband’s favorite is Dress Blues.  She is the first horse we claimed and has always given us a good effort in all of her races.

We have a new partnership under the name Pony Express Racing, LLC.  If we get the claims that I would like, I will highlight the Pony Express Racing partners in a future blog.  But for now, all I can think is “I want your blood!”  Hope the Halloween spirits will help make this a reality.

Happy Halloween!

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