Crash and Burn

We were ready to rumble and I think our horses were ready too.  We tried something new with our horse Elusive Moment and the horse reacted as expected, too bad the jockey didn’t.  I almost never blame the jockey for a poor ride.  There really is no percentage in it.  Well Elusive Moment didn’t like the new piece of equipment used to keep him headed straight in the gate and pull against it.  The jockey got nervous and jumped off the horse in the gate and then got back on.  The impact that motion had for the emotional well-being of the horse and probably the jockey were apparent.

It is difficult to ride aggressively if you’re already scared and I think that might well have been the case.  We chalked that one up to a learning experience for the horse so not all is lost.  It is apparent as well that the jockey was not suited for anything new and different.  It’s back to the drawing board for that one and find a jockey who will be more at ease with this horse.  One race down and another one to go.

Berry Valid ran in the 5th race.  She broke a little slow but for her that was acceptable because she could easily make up the distance.  Oh, too bad the jockey sat so far back on the horse that it was more like a walk in the park than a competitive race.  Again, I don’t like to fault the jockey, but his riding technique was far from superior.  We were confident that he would give us a good ride and he has won on this particular filly in the past.  I guess it must have just been a bad day for him.  Oh well, we all have bad days and I am sure he will soon improve, although I am sure that it will not be on this particular filly.  She was ready to run and overdo for a win.  Too bad we got a jockey who was not ready to ride.  By the way, he did poorly on all his mounts today so its nothing personal.

Thoroughbred racing is a tough competitive business.  It is sad when a trainer works hard to get his horses ready to compete and then it all goes to dust because of someone else’s shortcomings.  It can be discouraging.  Ask any trainer who has had such an experience and they will tell you how disheartening it can be. Then add the dissatisfaction of the owners of the horse and its time to call it quits for the day and pray for a better tomorrow.  Believe me, the better tomorrows are coming, it’s just too bad when it isn’t today.

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