Well, we’re starting off on the right foot or at least I think so.  Pursuxit ran and came in 3rd.  There was a real speed horse in that race who figured to win and he sure did.  We decided we would not go head to head with him and burn out our horse.  Well, thankfully the jockey at least half listened to our instructions.  He might have held Pursuxit a little too far back, but Pursuxit  had enough left in the tank to close.  We passed the horse that tried to go head to head with the speed demon and tired out.  I was so please to see that we started in the money even if it was a third place finish.

Our trainer Drew C. Fulmer had a horse go yesterday named Frank n Teddy and she finished 2nd.  So for the meet our barn is 100% in the money.  I teased our trainer that he had to get a second so he could save the first win for me.

So we have had a little bit of luck and maybe some magic to start our season.  I just know that it will continue that way for us.  I am confident in our trainer and we plan to claim a few new horses to add to our family.  Wish us luck!

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