Our first start at Turf Paradise

Well today we get a chance to see if we are lucky or if we have any magic going yet.  Pursuxit will be running in the 6th race at turf.  There are some good speed horses in the race and our jockey is new to us so there is no telling what will happen.

I do know that Pursuxit has bailed us out in the past, so maybe, just maybe he can get us started in the right direction.  Pursuxit is a 6 year old gelding and we purchased him from another trainer who had difficulty controlling him.  Apparently, Pursuxit was so bad tempered that the trainer was having difficulty keeping grooms.  No one want to deal with Pursuxit.

So we got him for a “price”.  His first out for us, he ran dead last and our trainer said we could get out of the ownership.  We had purchased Pursuxit in a 50/50 partnership with our trainer.  We decided that good or bad, we were partners and so we would stick together on this maybe questionable horse.

Pursuxit has earned his place in our hearts and has proved to be a valuable asset to our barn over the last few years.  I have faith in Pursuxit.  He will try his very best and that’s all we really can ask of any of these wonderful equine partners.  So with any luck we will be celebrating with “Carrots All Around” for Pursuxit’s stablemates.

Yesterday, I was at the track for opening day and there was a man who was betting and did not win.  His son said “Dad, you’ve got to believe in order to win.”  I think that is sound advice.  Oh and I believe! So maybe we are half-way home with our beloved Pursuxit.

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