Time for a little MAGIC

It’s the start of a new racing season and so I decided it was time to enlist some good old fashioned Magic!  Ha ha!  I have found that many owners and trainers are at least a little superstitious and so I thought it was time for magic.

We had a lean summer and it’s definitely time to step it up.  So to help with our “Magic”, I found a small statute of Merlin.  When I read about Merlin, I came across  a story that said he was conceived of a virgin who was impregnated by a demon.  The virgin went to tell her confessor about her concerns and so when the child was born, he was immediately baptized; thus freeing him from the demon.  Of course these legends go back to the 10th century or so which make them even more romantic.  Because Merlin was freed from the demon’s power and influence, he became a man of good works.

I also heard a story that Merlin believed that the magic is in all of us and comes from inside.  I like that concept and hope it works for us.

So we have our first entry on Sunday, October 19th with one of my favorite horses, Pursuxit.  I look forward to a good race with at least a wee bit of Magic and of course some luck.  Do you think it will work?

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