Rock & Roll

It’s time to get ready to rock and roll.  All the horses are back home safely thanks to our illustrious trainer, Drew Fulmer.   I know he is singing and dancing, even if he won’t admit it.  It has been a long hot summer for all of us.  I have missed the horses and Drew missed being away from home for so long.

Now we’re back to normal!  I can hardly wait to see my equine family.  I missed them all so much, especially my favorite, Tonight at Eleven.  Although I am anxious to see them, I will delay going to the barn for a few day to give Drew and the grooms time to get everything together.

This is one of the hardest times for the trainers and grooms.  They have to load the horses, haul them a good distance and then unload them.  Some of the horses travel easy and others can be troublesome.  The trailer is a mess once they arrive and that needs to be cleaned.

When the horses get to their new locations, their stalls have to be ready.  This requires organization and planning.  Of course the horses all need water almost immediately and they all want to be fed.  Grain and hay have to be available for them.

Our trainer has a six horse trailer so he does his own hauling.  It’s a lot of work as well as being tiring, but it helps keeps some of the transportation costs down.  This is a good thing for the owners since hauling can be quite expensive.

As I have already reported, the meet at Turf Paradise officially opens on Saturday, October 18 and we are ready to rock and roll.

My next post will have new pictures of the horses at the barn.  As I said, I will give Drew and the grooms time to do their jobs and stay out of their way, so I will try to get the pictures posted by this weekend.  Hope you will check up on me and see if I keep to that schedule.  Ha ha!

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