Last Hurrah!

Today will be the last day that our trainer will be racing horses at the Downs at Albuquerque.  It’s time to come home.

It has been a long summer in New Mexico for our team.  We did well in Farmington, but Albuquerque was not so great.  This is our last chance to leave our mark.  Unfortunately, the Racing Secretary has not been kind to us or the other Arizona trainers.  Most of the races were written for New Mexico breds and those which weren’t our horses did not qualify for.  It is my understanding that there is a line from the Downs to the Arizona state line of trainers who would like to at least have words with the Racing Secretary.  It is unfortunate when management doesn’t work with the trainers.  Anyway, we have survived a nearly fruitless summer and our trainer managed to enter four horses in races today.

My favorite horse Tonight at Eleven, who has been sitting in the barn way too long is running today.  Of course he has been in training, but he is long overdue for a race.  My biggest concern is that he will not be ready because he needs a race to freshen up.  Well, at worst it will be a good workout.  Our trainer, Drew Fulmer has three other horses entered today.  One of his oldest horses is Canard.  Canard came in 2nd the last out and will run in a mile race today.  I have my fingers crossed for him.  Drew also has Frank and Teddy and What a Day entered in a filly race today.  I have a good feeling about Frank and Teddy, but What a Day hasn’t raced in some time so there’s no telling.

Well, it’s our last chance at Albuquerque.  I am disappointed with this meet, primarily because we have been treated like “red-headed” stepchildren.  Believe me, it’s not sour grapes.  We just weren’t given the opportunity to perform.  My plan is to write to the Racing Commissioners in New Mexico and hopefully they will take note of the situation to make it more appealing to the trainers from Arizona or other areas nearby.  The most unfortunate part is that the New Mexico tracks may suffer as a result.  Some trainers will no doubt find other venues and the New Mexico fans will miss seeing some good horses that we would otherwise send.

I am happy though because my horses will all be back home where they belong.  It’s been five months on the road and that is just too long.  We will be singing and dancing at the barn after Sunday, when they all get home safe and sound.

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