Why Horses?

Why horses?  I was sort of sad the other day and maybe even a little depressed.  I thought about my horses.  They are all thoroughbreds.  Two are on the farm right now resting for the coming racing season at Turf Paradise in Phoenix, AZ which starts October 18th.  The others are in New Mexico, finishing up their schedule there.

I have been anxious to see them and really miss them.  I was unable to make a second trip to New Mexico on medical advice.  The high altitude was not good for my health at this time.  The one trip that I did make to Farmington, NM was very trying on my lungs and I came to the realization that it was not wise to go to such heights again.

But back to horses.  Each has a distinct and special personality.  My favorite horse is Tonight at Eleven.  He is kind of an unruly fellow.  He has had his share of kicking and attempting biting.  He won’t do it to me though.  We have a good relationship and he knows that I truly love him.  When we first got Tonight at Eleven, he was hard to manage and as a result not liked by the trainer.  I saw so much potential in this horse and felt so upset that he was not appreciated for his abilities.  I guess you could say he was the “black sheep”.  As I also reported, we changed trainers and he really came to his own.

Tonight at Eleven and I are spiritually attached and its difficult for me to put that in words but we are “birds of a feather”.  When I was growing up I was the troublesome child.  My sister was the angel so I had to put some excitement in the family.  My mother was my greatest supporter.  Unfortunately, she died when I was 12 years old.  My dad had to deal with my rebelliousness.  Mind you, I never got into trouble or did anything illegal, I was just more adventurous.

When I was 19 years old, my dad remarried.  I was happy for him to have a new life partner, but my step-mother and I apparently never saw eye to eye.  Shortly thereafter, I moved from the family home, never to return.  I remember hearing the wicked step-mother say that no matter what I always managed to survive and come up on top.  I guess that bothered her.  She had four children who did not achieve as much educationally and I guess that was her problem.  I am not really sure.

My point is, I worked hard to achieve and never tried to judge others.  My Tonight at Eleven also works hard.  He is faithful to those who have confidence in him.  He is extremely intuitive.  He refuses to perform or behave for those who are not faithful or appreciative of him.  So we are somehow the same.

My next favorite is Pursuxit.  We got him at a reasonable price and he is one of the most intelligent horses in the Fulmer barn.  Pursuxit often has had a stable next to Tonight at Eleven.  Pursuxit also knows that I am intimidated by him.  He can be bad tempered at times.  Pursuxit never make a threatening jester toward me because he knows I would be afraid.  He stands and watches me when I talk to Tonight at Eleven and waits for me to greet him and give him a carrot.  I believe he is extremely intelligent and therefore I appreciate him more than most.

Another one of my old favorites was Katie’s Dan.  We had to retire him, but he was a fun playful type.  He would watch my every move and stretch his neck as far as it could go when I would walk out of his sight.  Katie’s Dan came from New Zealand and I tried to talk to him with an “Augie” accent.  I think he liked it and we became great friends.  I think of him often, but he is happy being a riding horse now.

Dress Blues was our first claim and she is my husband’s favorite.  I think she will be coming to the end of her racing career soon, but she has done so well for us that I always have to mention her.  She loves peppermint candy more than any of the other horses.

I have a number of other horses and I don’t want to bore you with all of them at once so I’ll end here, but I want everyone to know just how wonderful it is to be a horse owner.  These graceful animals are big and powerful, but they are gentle at heart and will do anything for those who truly love them.

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