Pursue It

Finally success on Tuesday, September 16th.  One of my favorites, Pursuxit (pronounced pursue it — silent x) ran in the 5th race and won by over 3 lengths.  At the last minute, we had a jockey change which ended up being a good omen.  The ride was as good as any we have experienced.  The jockey didn’t use up the horse so Pursuxit had enough left in the tank to finish like a champ.

You might wonder why Pursuxit is one of my favorites.  He is extreme intelligent and usually listens intently to me when I am talking to him or one of his stable mates.  We purchased him from another trainer who had problems with him.  Apparently he wasn’t very happy and the grooms were unable to control him.  I think it caused some contention in that barn so the trainer decided to sell him.  Well, our trainer, Drew Fulmer has a great way with horses and before you know it Pursuxit was content and even tempered.

His first race for us was nothing to write home about.  He finished so poorly that our trainer, Drew Fulmer offered to buy him back from us because he thought Pursuxit wouldn’t be any good.  As it is, we own a half interest in Pursuxit with our trainer.  Drew always tries to be fair and he had offered to give us money for our half share.  I told my husband that I wanted us to keep Pursuxit.  I believed he would work out for us and I learned more about Drew’s personality from Pursuxit.  Not only was he persistent in training Pursuxit, he proved just how honest he could be in his business dealings.  To me, this made Pursuxit worth his weight in gold.

Over time, Pursuxit has managed to “bail” us out whenever we seem to be digging deep to make ends meet.  Tuesday was no exception.  We have been really lean since going to Albuquerque and a win was important.  It was important for our wallets, but also important for our confidence.  Pursuxit took care of both of those.

The previous week, Elusive Moment ran and came in 3rd and I was extremely happy with that race because I felt although we were making small strides, we were on our way back.

Drew will be hauling the horses back to Phoenix at the end of September and we anticipate a good run at Turf Paradise.  The season at Turf Paradise opens on October 18th so we still have time to move and settle down.  If we can find a few more races for our horses at Albuquerque we will run again before the end of the month.  If nothing comes up for us, we are ready to move forward to a successful season at our home base in Phoenix.  Keep watching us, we plan to do some amazing things in the 2014-15 racing season at Turf Paradise.

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