Off and running again

Well, we were fortunate to find a few races for which our horses qualify.  Pursuxit was off and running in the 9th race at The Downs in Albuquerque today, Saturday, September 6th.  He made a gallant effort but the track is just too deep for him.  He likes a hard firm fast track.  He was in the lead to start and did well about halfway through the race before he tired. 

I wasn’t saddened by the performance.  Pursuxit ran hard and showed his desire to run hard.  When we return to Turf Paradise, the track will be perfect for him and we should anticipate success.  Every horse has a favorite track and Turf Paradise is the place for Pursuxit.  So there was nothing lost — he got a well needed workout and can rest now until he gets home to Turf Paradise in Phoenix, AZ.  Turf Paradise’s season begin on October 18th, so we’re almost there.

Tomorrow John’s Knight Out is entered in the 9th race.  I am hoping that he will be in the money.  John’s Knight Out is a sweet horse with a teenage personality — he only does as much as he is asked.  He reminds me of my youngest son.  He will do anything for me, but I often have to press the issue.  That’s how John’s Knight Out runs.  If the jockey recognizes this, we will have a good race.  I have seen John’s Knight Out make a gallant second effort to win a race, but only upon urging.

I will keep my fingers crossed so that we see a close race tomorrow.  Watch for us.  I will post the results, win or lose.


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