Keep your eyes on the prize

Our trainer had a horse run on Friday.  It just wasn’t the right spot for the horse.  The race was too short for this closer and it was a crazy day at the track anyway.  In the final race a longshot won and paid over $80 on a $2 bet.,  Just one of those days.

Finally a new condition book for the month of September at the Downs in Albuquerque.  Thankfully there are a number of races that our horses will qualify for.  It’s about time!  The real trick is to continue what you’ve been doing that has worked in the past.  All barns go through ups and downs and we have had our share of downs — something that we have experience each summer when we’re on the road.  Success is near.  I can feel it in my old bones. 

The trick is to muster the inner strength to survive the lean.  If you never try, you will never succeed.  It’s our time to succeed!  September will be our redemption time.  Most of our horses are fit and ready to go.  The lag time between good races has been nearly unbearable, but we know that all we have to do is “Keep our eyes on the Prize!”

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