Happiness is Healthy Horses

Happiness is having horses that I can share with others. I am always happy to take friends to the barn to see my horses. All my horses are thoroughbreds so they are not riding horses, but everyone who visits them at the barn learns that each horse has a distinct temperament and personality. The horses welcome the attention and of course a fresh supply of carrots.

Some people think that thoroughbred horses are not treated well. I can tell you that my horses live a happy and fulfilling life. These leaders among horses love to run and love the competition. They are well cared for and get the very best food available and of course the best medical care.

We have been fortunate to have a healthy group. As with any horse owners, we have had our trials. There have been minor injuries or slight illnesses, but our trainer is one of the bests when it comes to monitoring the health of the horses. As a result, our horses are ready for the competition. They also trust the trainer and respond well to his commands. There is a genuine friendship between our trainer and our horses. Our trainer has a gentle and easy touch and the horses trust him. I enjoy watching them and seeing the positive response from the horses when the trainer arrives at the barn.

Horses are extremely intelligent animals with long memories, so it is obvious that our trainer is doing a good job based solely on the response of the horses. They welcome him and acknowledge him. They are his equine children and they know it. For this I am extremely thankful.

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