Not quite ready yet

Well we had three horses start over the weekend at Albuquerque with no real success. Well, not exactly true. The horses are new to the track and they needed a good chance to get acquainted with the track.

Sometimes it take a race or two to get a real feel for the track. Our horses have at least until the end of September to show us that they either like or dislike this track. That still gives us a lot of races.

The good news is that all the races ended safely — that’s number one with me. That surely is something to smile about and I try to always look at the sunny side. As long as they pull up sound, they can continue to race. When I first got into thoroughbred racing, I would worry about the horses just being safe. I don’t fret as much any more, but their well being is still foremost in my mind.

We also tried a new young ride in these races and although I believe he is enthusiastic, I think he may need a little more seasoning. Although I know there is no such thing as a perfect ride, there are some rides that are better than others. It will be up to the trainer to make any necessary adjustment in this respect.

Although we got a slow start, at least we got started and I look forward to some success at Albuquerque. Keep your fingers crossed for us and we will be doing the same.

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