Ready Set Go . . .

Time for the new meet. We are moving to
Albuquerque, NM for the next meet.

Our trainer, Drew Fulmer is packing up and we’ll be off in the morning.

All the horses have had a good rest after a successful meet at Sunray Park in Farmington, NM and now we are ready to show them what we’re made of at the next venue in Albuquerque. We are hoping for the best and the purses are quite attractive, so a good meet now would be great. Then in October we will be back home at Turf Paradise in Phoenix, AZ.

Moving from one place to another is a great deal of work for the trainer. Equipment, hay and feed have to be transported along with the horses. This is one of the most difficult tasks for the trainer and Drew has been working hard to get it all together. This is the time that organization and diligence is needed. Many racing fans are so unaware of all the work necessary to bring the horses in and get them ready to race.

Great care is taken in transporting the horses. Some are very good at traveling while others can be troublesome and require additional oversight. Drew Fulmer is always careful with the transport of this precious cargo. There have been reports of problems that other trainers have had with hauling horses but Drew has proven to be one of the best at this task.

With a little luck, the move will go smooth. A prayer or two always helps and of course keeping our fingers crossed.

Look for our team at Albuquerque. I will post our entries as soon as possible so my friends can follow our progress.

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