Down Time

Well, our horses are in New Mexico and ran at Sunray Park. We are going to give them a break which they really deserve. Our next meet will be at Albuquerque which starts August 2nd. I am anxious to see them run.

Being in Phoenix and away from my equine family is difficult for me. I miss seeing them and being able to talk to them. I doubt they miss me as much as I miss them because they have their best friend and trainer, Drew Fulmer with them.

I have so much anxiety to see them again and the end of September seems like a lifetime away. They will be back in Phoenix in time for the Turf Paradise meet which starts in October.

My son suggested that I make a trip to Albuquerque in August, but I have not been in the best of health so I am not sure if that will happen. The higher altitude causes some problems for me. Old age has seemed to caught up to me lately and I think I might require Oxygen in order to make it to the higher altitude. I have been quite distressed about this, but we can’t have everything. I am just happy that my equine family is safe and sound.

My garden has been flourishing with carrots which I planted especially for the horses and I have been harvesting and freezing the carrots so that they will be ready for my next visit with the horses.

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1 Response to Down Time

  1. Nancy says:

    New Mexico !! Winning Race!! I’ll be there!!

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