Time to rest

Well, we had a good run at Sunray Park in Farmington and now it’s time to rest.  The next meet is in Albuquerque, NM.  That meet starts the first week of August, so we have time for the horses to take a break before they will be on the road again.

We ended the meet with Drew Fulmer getting a 2nd in the 9th race on Saturday, June 21st.  We thought Drew’s horse Remus won the race, it was that close.  The officials apparently didn’t agree with us and Remus got place.  We were pleased with Remus’ efforts.  He ran a good race and the jockey rode him just right too.  We were surprised with the official announcement of a 2nd place, but that’s part of the game.  Remus should win his next race if all goes well.  As I had said before, every time he has raced, something has gone wrong.  It’s not the horse that’s at fault, its just fate.

Our other two horses didn’t fair as well, but we weren’t disappointed since we were not expecting a win in either race.  Just a hope and a prayer.

I am glad that the Sunray meet has come to an end because not only do the horses need a break, so does our trainer.  It’s a difficult job being on the road for races and being away from home.  Hopefully, Drew will have some needed family time before heading to Albuquerque.

I am happy to say that we did well at Sunray and all our horses have remained healthy and fit.   Keeping all the horses in good condition is an accomplishment in its self.

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