Fulmer Racing — on a roll in Farmington

Here we go with another winning week — Drew Fulmer had Frank & Teddy running in the 2nd race. Frank & Teddy ran a good race and came in 3rd — as long as we are in the money, we’re good!

The 6th race featured Canard. Canard is an old warrior, he’s 10 years old and still has those youthful running legs. He not only won, he split horses and roared past them all.

The training is the key to the winning for Fulmer Racing. Drew Fulmer has been working overtime keeping our horses in shape and now he can enjoy the payoff. Here’s a picture of Drew Fulmer checking Pursuit who is entered to run on the 10th of June.


We have two horses running on Saturday, June 7th. Drew entered Remus in the 7th race. This horse will definitely be the test for me. I could not believe the bad luck that horse seems to be having, so its his time to shine. It seems that every time Remus has run, he does his best but gets caught in traffic. He has the 1 post position, so if he can get out, maybe things will go smoothly for him. I got my fingers crossed that he will succeed. He is an 8 year old gelding and is familiar with New Mexico racing.

The other entry for Saturday is Atticus Ghost in the 8th race.

She has done very well at Sunray, coming in second and first! Of course we raised her in class, so this is a test for her as well. I am hoping we can stay on a roll and stay in the money.

I remember reading world famous jockey Gary Stevens’ comments about having a cold spell. He said if your barn goes cold, don’t change what has worked for you in the past and you will get through it. Well, we followed that good advice and hopefully this is our time. Horse racing has a high degree of luck associated with it. Things come and go and you only have to hang tough and things will turn around.

All owners and trainers know that’s just the way things go. I believe it is our time now, so we’ll try to make the best of it.

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