Kicking Ass & Taking Names!

Well, as I mentioned in my last post, I visited with my favorite Tonight at Eleven. We had a nice conversation. He is of course quite attentive when I have carrots for him.

Horsey Picture 5

I told him how much I missed him and how glad I was to see that Drew Fulmer, our trainer, was taking such good care of him.

We talked about his upcoming race which took place yesterday, May 31st. I reminded him that he was the best horse and surely the fastest horse in the race. As I had mentioned before, I was mentally preparing him for the race. The trainer and the grooms laugh at me whenever they see me talking to Tonight at Eleven. They know how important he is to me and they actually understand my attachment to Tonight at Eleven. As I said, it might seem grandiose for me to think I could talk this horse into winning a race for me, but what could it hurt. Well, it worked!

Actually I know that all the work is done by our illustrious trainer, Drew Fulmer, but what could it hurt for me to encourage my best friend and favorite horse. I will continue to talk to the horses before races and believe in their ability to perform. Just maybe someone somewhere is listening to my wishes and luck will be on our side. It sure worked yesterday and made our day! Congratulations Tonight at Eleven, you are the best.

Oh and congratulations to Drew Fulmer, the “bestest” trainer!

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