Reporting from Sunray Park, Farmington, NM

Reporting from Farmington — arrived on Saturday May 24th– it was cold, at least to a Phoenician.  The skies were overcast and threatened of rain. High Altitude made it difficult for me to breathe — I have a lung condition, but that’s another matter. I can understand the problems a few of our horses had adjusting to the altitude. Anyway, the horses are now all settled and adjusted to their new environment and we’re ready to “kick ass”, or at least I hope so.

Welcome to Sunray Park, Farmington, NM. Here’s a picture of the track.sunray

Our sweetest horse, Berry Valid was running in a race and we were anxious to see her perform well.  As anticipated, she really doesn’t favor this track and although she did her best and ran well, there was no Congratulations at the end of the race.

Although this was disappointing to us, it was good to see her and our trainer, Drew Fulmer.  I also saw one of our grooms, E who greeted me with a big hug.  We are a family of sorts and care about each other more than most.

Sunday, my son and I spent the day trying to make a killing at the track.  It was cold and had rained all night so the track was sloppy — much to our dismay, it did not prove to be a day of long shots.  So although the day was not a total loss in the betting world, we came up short.

Memorial Day — no live racing at Sunray, but a good chance to see all the horses and reconnect with my all time favorite, Tonight at Eleven.  He is entered to race on May 31st.  Of course, I talked to him about his race with hopes of getting him mentally prepared for the race. This is probably a grandeous idea on my part, but it can’t hurt. Only time will tell if he is ready for the next win.

Tuesday morning, I had the pleasure of watching horses getting ready for races. The horses worked out in the early morning hours. The exercise riders help get them ready for their races and it is so quiet and peaceful just watching them gallop. The only sounds are the hoofs hitting the ground and the breathing of the horses as they give a gallant effort during their exercises.

During the day on Tuesday, I thought about going back to the barn to visit with Tonight at Eleven, but it was race day for Elusive Moment. I think that some owners make the mistake of distracting their horses or trainer on race day and I surely wasn’t going to be guilty of that. I stayed away from the barn on Tuesday allowing Drew and Elusive Moment the time they needed to stay focused on their task at hand — Elusive Moment’s race.

Well, my self control may have helped, we watched with much delight and crazy enthusiasm as Elusive Moment made it to the winner’s circle. It was the last day of my trip to Farmington and it sure was a wonderful gift for me to see Elusive Moment win his race. We lost Elusive Moment in a claiming race last Spring and were lucky to claim him back just before the end of the meet at Turf Paradise. Elusive Moment is a very cool horse. He ran at Sunray and came in 2nd, so he kept his condition. We ran him back on a week’s rest and were concerned that we were running him too soon — he proved how good he is and that he really is in great condition.

Of course, I know that all my horses are fit and so well taken care of because I am lucky to have one of the best trainers available to me.

Here’s a picture of Drew in the track room. Drew on Hay2I forced him to use my computer to view some up-coming races. Drew is really old school and seeing him in a “high-tech” moment is kind of a lark for me. It’s necessary to have a little fun and tease the trainer at least some times.

Drew Fulmer has such a passion for the horses and is so diligent in their care, that I never worry about their condition. He is more than just a trainer to these magnificent animals — he is their friend and defender. Drew will never run a horse in a race if the horse is not ready. We have been outrun, or had a bad ride, but our losses are never as a result of improper and inadequate care. It’s just the luck of the game, and luck can play a huge part in the outcome. If you don’t believe this, you never have experienced the real joys and trials of horse racing. There are highs and lows — their are lean times and times when everything just falls into place. I am hoping that we are now on the upswing, but as I said before, only time will tell.

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