Time to shine

Finally Fulmer Racing is settled down at Sunray Park for the remainder of the meet. Our trainer, Drew Fulmer made two trips with the horses so they are all set. A few of our horses were turned out for the summer, so that was an additional haul for Drew to make.

Unfortunately, he also had to make an additional trip back to Turf Paradise to handle unfinished business and final equipment removal from the track. This is probably the most physically demanding part of his position as our trainer. I am happy to report that he’s home free for the Farmington trip.

Sunray Park’s meet will end on June 22nd and then it will be back on the road — off to Albuquerque, NM. Fortunately, that’s a shorter trip for the horses and can be completed a little easier. Drew also does not have as much equipment as he uses at Turf Paradise, our home base, so the move should be a little less intense.

Unless you are familiar with the racing world, it is difficult to imagine all that goes into the maintenance of the horses. All these unappreciated tasks can go unnoticed by the racing fans. I on the other hand have experienced the difficulties encountered in the hauling and setting up of the new homes for our horses and definitely appreciate the efforts of our trainer.

Now on to the real task at hand — winning races. There is so much in the business of winning a race and we are definitely ready for a win. We have Atticus Ghost going today. She is the favorite in the race and has a good chance of winning. In my opinion, she is the best horse in the race. She has been on the track once so she is now familiar with it and she has the same jockey. In her first start at Sunray, Atticus Ghost ran a great race and came in second. During that race day, the weather was quite unfriendly for the newcomer with wind gusts reported at close to 70mph. With any luck, she won’t have those head winds to deal with. It is therefore, my opinion that she is a good bet for today’s race.

On Tuesday, we have Berry Valid running. Berry Valid is a beautiful mare who has proven to be a challenge in the past. She is training good and she seems to be in the right mind set to win a few this year. I look for her to at least be in the money. To help with the effort, we have Elvin Gonzalez riding for us and he is currently the top jockey at Sunray. I am enthusiastic to have Elvin ride for us and hope he will accept future mounts as well.

My plans for today are to cheer on Atticus Ghost with one of my partners, Christine. We will watch the race at Turf Paradise which continues to have simulcast racing during the off season.

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