Leaving Turf Paradise for Sunray – Ocotillo’s Report


Well, it’s me again — Ocotillo. I am the baby of the bunch and have given updates of what the Fulmer Racing Team had been doing. Here I go again. I have watched as our trainer Drew Fulmer has been running around like a chicken with his head cut off. Moving to a new location is a hectic series of events.

Drew already took one load of horses to Sunray Park in Farmington, NM. I went with him last year to Farmington but at that time I was just in training. I look forward to having a go at winning a race there. Actually, Drew was thinking of sending me to the farm for the summer because I seemed uninterested in training. It wasn’t that I wasn’t interested, I just didn’t understand what was expected of me.

When the rider took me for a gallop, I was just enjoying myself and didn’t run very fast. I thought I was only being exercised and the slower I went, the longer it would take and the more fun I would have. Well, I was wrong. Drew wanted to see me put in a little more effort, but how was he going to tell me that’s what he wanted.

Well, Drew managed to trick me. He had me workout from the gate. Well, that made me think I was in a real race and so I ran as fast as I could and Drew realized that I really was a good horse. He finally entered me in a race. It was probably too hard of a race for me, but I got out good, lead the field, but then I got tired. An easier race might be the answer for me, but I sure am anxious to try and so glad that Drew isn’t going to leave me behind.

I enjoy the excitement of traveling and going to New Mexico will be nice because not only will I be with my buddies, also known as my stable mates, I understand that it is a lot cooler there. Phoenix is getting too hot was us and the cool breezes of Farmington will be a welcomed relief.

I heard we may leave today, but Drew is still waiting for paperwork. If not, I am sure we will leave this weekend, so I am ready for the long ride. Drew hauls his own horses in his six-horse trailer. I know he will be playing music all the way and we will enjoy the ride. Traveling is difficult for him, but it can be a lot of fun for the horses. I also am looking forward to seeing some of my old friends liked Tonight at Eleven and Pursuxit, who traveled in the first load.

Drew has two horses entered to run at Sunray. Sun Catcher is entered for Sunday and Elusive Moment will run on Tuesday. We are hoping that we can get to Sunray in time for Sun Catcher to run on Sunday, but if not, there will be more opportunities for him to race. I hope you will try to follow our progress. We are looking forward to a successful time at Sunray.

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