Finishing up at Turf Paradise

Our trainer Drew Fulmer has been working hard getting ready for the move to New Mexico. Everything has to be packed up and relocated. Equipment for the trip has to be inventoried so all necessary supplies are available. Drew can take six horses at a time, so he will have to make at least two trips. Some horses will be turned out for the summer and plans have to be made for them. I really don’t envy Drew at this time. It is hard work and a lot of heavy lifting, plus expert planning. Fortunately, he is up for the challenge.

We had a few horses run. No winners lately, but they all performed well. Drew had his oldest horse run the other day. Renegade Cielo is an 11 year old and he came in 3rd. The jockey didn’t get him out well and he was nearly last, when he came flying. He is a real sweetheart and can surely run. He definitely isn’t ready to retire yet. I hope he will go to New Mexico because Pursuxit likes being with him.

One of our youngest horses and a new horse for us this year is Sun Catcher. So far he has lagged behind. Well, he ran on the 8th and came in 4th. We didn’t have a good choice of jockeys and so we weren’t sure how he would fair. He ran his best race for the season so I guess he will be off to New Mexico. We think he will like the smaller track, at least that’s our hope. Pursuxit also ran this week and was in the lead most of the race, but tired. It was a mile race, so when he goes to New Mexico, we will have him run 6-1/2 to 7F and we expect that will be enough to get in the money.

The end of the meet is often difficult because some of the riders are also getting ready to leave for their next venue. As a result, the choice of riders gets more limited.

We only have a few more races at Turf Paradise this season and look forward to really showing off in Farmington. Some of our horses haven’t run so they will be fresh. Tonight at Eleven and Elusive Moment are expected to do well. We also look forward to Atticus Ghost and Remus to be in the money in Farmington.

Keep watching for us and I will try to keep everyone interested as informed as possible. Just wish us luck and of course a safe trip to New Mexico.

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