Fulmer Racing on the move

Fulmer Racing Team has been preparing for the next venue — Farmington, NM. It is a gentle balancing act. Our trainer Drew Fulmer is preparing some horses to continue to complete at Turf Paradise to the end of the season which is May 6th. At the same time, Drew is readying some of the horses to travel to Sunray in Farmington for the beginning of the new meet in NM which begins April 18th.

We recently acquire a beautiful filly named Atticus Ghost. She is owned by Drew and me as general partners and our limited partners under the designation Pony Express Racing, LLC. The limited partners include co-workers and friends, Jimmy and his wife Christine, Henry, Brady, Rodney, and of course our accountant Alan. We met at Turf Paradise on Saturday to watch Atticus Ghost run a mile race on the turf.

Although she ran well, it would not have been considered successful by most racing standards. No she didn’t finish in the money. She was one of the last horses out of the gate and the jockey didn’t make much of an effort to improve her position.

The good part of the race was that it gave everyone in the partnership an opportunity to see our beautiful filly in action. She ran well and stayed with the pack. Additionally, she got a good workout and is closer to being prepared for the beginning of the meet in New Mexico. The trainer said she should do better in New Mexico because of the surface. She apparently does not like the current conditions of the turf at Turf Paradise. Since we are in the desert, the turf gets dry and hard this time of the year and the turf course is difficult for some of the horses. It is not a good closing surface. Atticus Ghost seems to prefer a fast dirt track. She should be happy with the Sunray surface. It is a deeper track and her breeding should help her cope with that, but the track is dirt and fast.

On Sunday, we were happy to see our old pal, Elusive Moment in action. Drew Fulmer recently reclaimed Elusive Moment for us. We lost him a while back and we were pleased to be able to claim him back. Drew entered him in a starter allowance race and was unsure if that was a good spot for him. I was happy to see him run as long as there was no chance of us loosing him. He drew the 1 Post Position, which is generally the most undesirable. Our rider was Jorge Carreno, currently leading jockey at Turf Paradise. Jorge got him right out and it was a dueling match with a wonderful horse named Stonewall Riot. Going in we felt that no one would beat Stonewall Riot and we were correct. Elusive Moment went toe to toe with Stonewall Riot and proved to be the fabulous horse we were happy to have come back to us. Elusive Moment was outrun and tired in the final strides and finished 3rd. We were satisfied with his performance. He ran to be best of his ability and pulled up good. He will be ready for the trip to Farmington as that is his last race at Turf Paradise for this season.

We are looking forward to moving on to New Mexico. Our horses are fresh and ready, and a real bonus is that the purses at Sunray are higher.

The difficult part now for our trainer, Drew Fulmer is to pack everything up at Turf Paradise and haul our horses to New Mexico. Drew has a six-horse trailer and that sure helps to keep the hauling expenses down. There is a lot of work for Drew to complete before the start in New Mexico and hopefully he will pace himself as it is a long trip and a great deal of work getting settled.

I’m not sure how many horses he will take, but at present we know the following are going: Tonight at Eleven (my favorite), Atticus Ghost (our newest addition), Elusive Moment (recently reclaimed), John’s Knight Out (he likes Sunray and has done well there), Pursuxit (another one of my favorites and probably the smartest of all the horses in the barn at least in my opinion), Remus (owned by Drew and another partner. He has done well in New Mexico). There are a few that we are sure will be turned out including Ocotillo (our baby) who needs a little more maturity, and Sun Catcher who also needs a little break, but might make it to California later in the year.

I will continue to report on the progress of our horses and hope you will continue to keep your fingers crossed for us. The best is yet to be!!

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