Real success

How do you define success?

In horse racing it’s a win! But is that really the only standard for success. I guess as a quintessential optimist, I can try to at least put a positive spin on almost anything.

We had horses race this past week and none were winners, but I considered it a successful endeavor. I know how important the win is — we need money to maintain the horses and pay the bills associated with horse ownership. I am pleased when we reach the break even point.

But real success to me is that the horses are well maintained, happy and healthy. They are fit and can continue to run. A safe race is better than anything to me. I used to worry every time one of my horses ran. I eventually got over that fear but I am always pleased when they pull up good after a race. Winning is important, but the enjoyment I receive from the very presences of these magnificent animals far outweighs the rest. It’s too bad that everyone can’t enjoy the same feelings.

Maybe, I am just old and have experienced many trials and tribulations, as well as many successes. I am happy knowing that I have the best horses that I can afford and the best trainer ever. What more do I need?

I consider this a serious business and am forced to look at the bottom line, but I don’t ever want to get lost there. Happiness is priceless. Feeling good about doing one’s very best is more important than winning. Winning is for the adrenaline rush and for paying the bills.

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