Yesterday was a real red letter day for Fulmer Racing Team.  We got our beloved Elusive Moment back.

We originally claimed Elusive Moment in February 2013 and he proved to be the best pick ever.  I wanted to claim a horse named Contreve, but the trainer picked Elusive Moment.  Coincidentally the two horses raced against each other immediately thereafter and Elusive Moment won the race with Contreve coming in second.  It was a close race, but Drew Fulmer, our trainer’s pick was obviously the best.

Elusive Moment won some very impressive races for us and we were happy to have him as part of our team.  In December 2013 we lost him in a claiming race.  We were not happy to see him leave us, but its part of the game.  Since then I have looked for him to be entered to see if we could get him back.  I kept him in my virtual stable on Equibase so that I wouldn’t miss any progress.

The new owners worked him out on the regular basis, but didn’t enter him in a race.  Finally on March 12th, Elusive Moment was entered.  I was thrilled.  We had a chance to get him back.  Since he hadn’t raced in three months, I wasn’t sure if he was still in good condition.

Drew was left with the responsibility of checking out Elusive Moment and see if we should drop the claim.  Drew told me that once he saw the horse in the Paddock, he realized just how much he missed him and couldn’t resist.  We claimed Elusive Moment.  It may take him a few days to get accustom to his new surroundings, but Drew and I are confident that he will be happy to be back home.

I think he probably won’t be racing at Turf Paradise the rest of this season.  We are going to get him ready for our next venue which will be in Farmington, NM.

Welcome Home Elusive Moment — We love you.!

By the way, Elusive Moment won the race on Wednesday, proving that he is still in good form.







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