Success for Fulmer Racing Team

It surely was a glorious week for Fulmer Racing. John’s Knight Out ran on Tuesday and of course he won. The funny thing is that about two weeks ago, after a disappointing start for John’s Knight Out, Drew Fulmer told me that he would be entering John’s Knight Out to run on the 5th and that the horse would win. Great prediction. Too bad it added extra pressure to Drew that day, but he was right.

To make the occasion even more enjoyable, Drew brother Troy was in town on business and watched the race with us and joined me in the winner’s circle. We had a wonderful time cheering and making plenty of noise during the race, which we culminated with an appropriate high five. We all had bets on John’s Knight Out, so our wallets were fatter as well. It was great fun.

Here’s a picture of John’s Knight Out in the winner’s circle with jockey David Lopez on board. Drew’s brother Troy and I are just behind the horse.


Drew’s brother promises to come back and visit soon. I am so happy to hear that — he really is a good luck charm!

We did have another race this week which did not turn out as well, but that horse just didn’t break well, so the race was over for him before it started. I am not too concerned about that. I plan to have a few serious talks with him. That horse is Sun Catcher. He is a young inexperienced horse who just needs more time and more attention. My plan is to give him the psychological encouragement and leave the rest to Drew to work his magic. I am sure I will be reporting on his progress before the end of the month. I know that sounds optimistic, but we have the best trainer for such a challenge.

On Wednesday, we moved on to Plan B of finding new blood. We were so lucky to be able to claim a beautiful mare named Atticus’ Ghost. She is a 5-year old. She ran in a mile race and won by 5-1/2 lengths — not too shabby.

We had originally looked at a different filly, who got scratched from the race so we went with Atticus’ Ghost. I think we really got lucky to get this one and expect a ton of success with her. I haven’t had time to get a picture of her, but I promise to give a more detailed account of her progress as the new kid on the block and will include pictures.

I feel so fortunate to have such a wonderful trainer like Drew Fulmer. I always say he is the best. But, what really makes the best. The best doesn’t mean the best winning record or the largest barn. The best to me is a trainer like Drew who is totally committed to the horses. The horses come first and are expertly cared for. Drew has the most splendid way with these animals. He loves them and in return they love and respect him. Besides being so good with the animals, Drew is also the best trainer for me because he takes time to listen to the owners and respects our opinions, even when we might be wrong. Drew is also able to deal with all my craziness and antics, so to me, he will always be the best.

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