Time for New Blood — Plan B

Well, I had hoped that we would have added two new faces to the barn.  Our trainer, Drew Fulmer picked a wonderful mature horse named Remus who I think will have some quick success.  Unfortunately, I don’t see a long-term investment in Remus and prefer putting my money on a younger horse.

So yesterday Drew put in the claim for Honestly Occifer.  The horse ran a good race and won by a nose.  Too bad someone else saw the value of the horse besides me.  As a result, there was a three-way shake.  For those of you unfamiliar with claiming, if more than one trainer or owner puts in a claim for a horse, then names are drawn to see who won the horse.  This time it wasn’t us.

Initially, I felt bad because I was excited about getting a new horse.  After a brief period of disappointment, I realize that not only is it part of the game, sometimes its good luck when you don’t get a horse. Of course, only time will tell and I will follow Honestly Occifer and even bet on him.   Anyway, I am still looking.  I saw a horse that I like that is running on Wednesday, so keep reading for an update on our claiming endeavors.

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