Always my favorite


Well, yesterday was a disappointing racing day.  My favorite Tonight at Eleven did not perform as well as I had hoped.  I really didn’t expect him to win that race because I saw another horse in the race that I was sure would be the winner.  As I thought that horse won the race.  The winner is a very good horse so losing to him was not the disappointment.

My favorite and best friend is Tonight at Eleven.  He can run like the wind, but hates running on the rail.  It seems that he always ends up there.  I am so disappointed that the jockeys seem to think that saving ground is the answer to winning.  I watch the races, and have seen that when Tonight at Eleven is on the rail on the turn for home, he hesitates.  I don’t know if he remembers some bad experience at that point, but it’s always the same result.

My only suggestion is to use blinkers, but my buddy Tonight at Eleven is what I call tender headed and does not like anything on his head so we always run him without blinkers.  In my frustration, I suggested that we lower him in class to see if we can give him a better chance of winning.  This might be the solution. 

It really doesn’t matter to me if Tonight at Eleven wins or not, its just that he is my favorite and I want him to experience a win from time to time.  He will always be my favorite no matter what.  We have a special connection that I can’t explain but can feel.  I am sure that many of you horse lovers know the feeling all too well.  Tonight at Eleven is such a personality horse.  He is the greatest and I will always love him.  He has made my life richer and for that I am forever thankful.

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