Fulmer Racing Team — On a Roll!


Yesterday was a great racing day for Drew Fulmer’s oldest — Canard. Canard is a 10-year old gelding and he won! He is an extremely pleasant horse, who loves attention and loves to eat. He didn’t run much last year, because I think he needed a break, but he’s back to his good old self and gave Drew a win yesterday. This was his second win for 2014.

David Lopez was the jockey. I am happy to see that David Lopez is back at Turf Paradise. He has ridden for us in the past and done well for us. It is good to see an accomplished jockey like him available and I am sure we will continue to be successful with David as our jockey.

Drew Fulmer has two horses running tomorrow. B’s Lucky Strike and my favorite Tonight at Eleven. We sure are looking forward to continued success in the Year of the Horse. Watch for us in the winner’s circle and keep your fingers crossed that we have safe and prosperous races.

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